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David P. Williams,
author and
NFA vice president,
on shad and
smallmouth bass fishing Oregon's Umpqua River

David P. Williams joined the club twelve years ago and soon began at­tending outings and writing articles for the newsletter. In 2006 he became vice president and president the year after. He has won the NFA Service Award for his work with the State Council of the FFF and his promo­tion of fly fishing through a blog he did for the Seattle PI. He has written many articles for various fly fishing magazines. He was elected this year to serve another term as club vice president (the first person to hold that officer twice).
So as Vice-president and pro­gram chair, David has booked himself as speaker for our April 16th meeting and promises to entertain and edu­cate us in the ways of bass. There are two reasons he has chosen this topic for us: one, there are lots of bass in the Umpqua River where the NFA is holding its May 15th to 17th outing, and two, he knows a lot about bass fishing in the western US of A, hav­ing recently published Fly Fishing for Western Smallmouth (smallmouth are bass, in case you did not know that).
The Umpqua River has a run of American shad, that will be in the river during the dates of our outing. Hopefully, David will have something to say about these strong fighting fish, which some anglers refer to as “mini tarpon” (they kind of look like a tarpon).
I forgot to mention that David is an accomplished photographer, so not only will his presentation be in­formative and witty, it will also be a pleasure to look at.
Whether you are a bass fisher or not, don’t miss what promises to be an entertaining evening


The Northwest Fly Anglers (NFA) is a family oriented fly fishing club that is devoted to the sport of fly fishing through monthly programs, educational activities, conservation activities, and fishing outings.

The NFA was founded in 1972 and is based on the premise that fly fishing not only encourages the conservation of natural resources but also provides a means for individuals to come together to learn about and enjoy beautiful settings and fishing experiences in the Northwest.

Anyone who is interested in fly fishing is encouraged to come to our monthly meetings to, meet members, and learn about the NFA. Club membership is open to all ages and skill levels. We welcome individuals, couples, and families interested in the sport of fly fishing.


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NFA Vice President
David P. Williams

David has just written a great book: Fly Fishing for Western Smallmouth.  It is not only comprehensive on the subject covering places, flies, gear, and techniques but is an enjoyable read.

Here is a sample:  "Coldwater fishers have been led by coldwater writers to believe that coldwater fish swim at the apex of the freshwater fish world. Trout (and by association, those who pursue them) have been characterized as more refined, more intelligent, and clearly more sophisticated than any other freshwater species.  If trout writers are to be believed, all trout live in the purest of waters, sip the tiniest of insects off the surface (the trout version of taking afternoon tea complete with crustless cucumber sandwiches) and then retire until the evening repast." 

Anyone who wants more information or to order a copy, contact David at: