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​"The Most Fun You Can Have on the Beach with Your Clothes On"

Our June speaker is none other than the esteemed Leland Miyawaki. Leland brings a new flavor to the NFA with his program seductively titled The Most Fun You Can Have on the Beach with your Clothes On. Presumably the program will involve, at least tangentially, chasing saltwater fish.
Leland, designer of the outstanding smallmouth bass fly, Miyawaki Beach Popper, graduated from the Chouinard Art Institute, an education that lead to an exciting career in advertising in California and Washington. He currently is the resident steelhead and saltwater guru at the Orvis Bellevue Store where his duties include conducting float plane trips to search out the wily coastal cutthroat in remote Puget Sound locations.
In addition to knowing more about Puget Sound fishing than most anyone, Leland is also a tremendous power napper. I’ve been there and have the pictures to prove it.

2015 DUES?


The Northwest Fly Anglers (NFA) is a family oriented fly fishing club that is devoted to the sport of fly fishing through monthly programs, educational activities, conservation activities, and fishing outings.

The NFA was founded in 1972 and is based on the premise that fly fishing not only encourages the conservation of natural resources but also provides a means for individuals to come together to learn about and enjoy beautiful settings and fishing experiences in the Northwest.

Anyone who is interested in fly fishing is encouraged to come to our monthly meetings to, meet members, and learn about the NFA. Club membership is open to all ages and skill levels. We welcome individuals, couples, and families interested in the sport of fly fishing.


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NFA Vice President
David P. Williams

David has just written a great book: Fly Fishing for Western Smallmouth.  It is not only comprehensive on the subject covering places, flies, gear, and techniques but is an enjoyable read.

Here is a sample:  "Coldwater fishers have been led by coldwater writers to believe that coldwater fish swim at the apex of the freshwater fish world. Trout (and by association, those who pursue them) have been characterized as more refined, more intelligent, and clearly more sophisticated than any other freshwater species.  If trout writers are to be believed, all trout live in the purest of waters, sip the tiniest of insects off the surface (the trout version of taking afternoon tea complete with crustless cucumber sandwiches) and then retire until the evening repast." 

Anyone who wants more information or to order a copy, contact David at: