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Northwest Fly Anglers

September Program

For 18 years our president Wytold Lebing has made annual summer trips to Alaska to fish for salmon and trout. These trips included sojourns at US Forest Service wilderness cabins and self guided wilderness river raft expeditions in Alaska’s Bristol Bay drainage. Last December, at the NFA Awards Banquet, Wytold generously purchased a trip to Legend Lodge, located on Lake Iliamna on the Alaska Peninsula southwest of An­chorage. This was a two-for-one deal offered to the NFA to further our fundraising efforts. Wytold says that it gave him the opportunity to take his wife Carol fishing in Alaska.”
Wytold has put together a fascinating slide­show presentation about the ways one can fly fish in Alaska. These include stays at inexpensive cabins and more accomodating fishing lodges as well as adventurous wilderness rafting jaunts. If you have ever thought of going to Alaska to fly fish you might wish to attend the Sep­tember 18th meeting. 
Offered Annually
  • Beginning Fly Casting
  • Fly Tying: Beginnning & Advanced
  • Casing Seminars
  • Mentoring Outings

Our History

The Northwest Fly Anglers (NFA) is a family oriented fly fishing club that is devoted to the sport of fly fishing through monthly programs, educational activities, environmental projects, and fishing outings.
The NFA was founded in 1972 and is based on the premise that fly fishing not only encourages the conservation of natural resources but also provides a means for individuals to come together to learn about and enjoy beautiful settings and fishing experiences in the Northwest.
Anyone who is interested in fly fishing is encouraged to come to our monthly meetings to meet members and learn about the NFA. Club membership is open to all ages and skill levels. We welcome individuals, couples, and families interested in the sport of fly fishing.
Klickitat River for Salmon and Steehead September 27-28
Southeast Washington's Klickitat River provides passage for a variety of native anadromous fish: Fall runs of Chinook Salmon and Coho (Silver) as well as wild and hatchery steelhead. Catching wild steelhead in the Fall over 12 pounds is not uncommon. 
Cedar River Watershed Education Center at Rattlesnake Lake on October 11.
Join us this fall as we continue the work to reclaim this area for native plants that are good for fish and other wildlife. NFA volunteers will help shape the future of this site by planting native plants or removing invasive weeds and mulching along the shore of Rattlesnake Lake. Bring your family, friends and join NFA friends to be a part of the story!

NFA member David Williams' New Book

David has just written a great book: Fly Fishing for Western Smallmouth.  It is not only comprehensive on the subject covering places, flies, gear, and techniques but is an enjoyable read.

Here is a sample:  "Coldwater fishers have been led by coldwater writers to believe that coldwater fish swim at the apex of the freshwater fish world. Trout (and by association, those who pursue them) have been characterized as more refined, more intelligent, and clearly more sophisticated than any other freshwater species.  If trout writers are to be believed, all trout live in the purest of waters, sip the tiniest of insects off the surface (the trout version of taking afternoon tea complete with crustless cucumber sandwiches) and then retire until the evening repast." 

Anyone who wants more information or to order a copy, contact David at: